Care Tips For Your Garage Door This Winter

As we head into winter, it’s more important than ever to make sure you care for your garage door. This isn’t the time to neglect it – if you do, you could be risking your family’s safety – not to mention unnecessary downtime or large repair bills. The best way to ensure your garage door serves you well throughout the winter is to maintain it, care for it and generally be on the lookout for concerning signs.

Snow and ice can negatively impact your home’s garage door because it doesn’t have the means to stay warm like the interior of your home does. With extreme temperatures comes the risk of warping, sticking and freezing of the mechanisms.

3 Tips to Follow

  1. Open and close the door frequently: Throughout the winter months, take the time to open and close the door, especially if you haven’t used it in a couple of days. Sunlight will melt snow and ice naturally, so try to let the light in for a short period during the day while you’re home. This will ensure the door doesn’t freeze shut, which has been known to happen in the frigid cold of Detroit. This practice will also help break up frost that could form on the panels. To prevent burning out your opener, use the manual setting and open and close it by hand. 
  2. Clear off the ice and snow: After a snow or ice storm, clear off your garage door immediately. The longer you wait, the better chance that it will harden and make it tougher to remove later. You also don’t want the door’s rubber seal to stick to the ground so it becomes impossible to open. If you sense resistance, refrain from forcing it and getting rough. You don’t want to tear the seal, strip the gears or burn out your garage door opener. Use an ice scraper to gently chip away at the ice if it’s already formed a buildup. Got a portable heater? Turn it on and set it close by to help with the melting. Just be sure to supervise. Don’t pour hot water on the ice, as it will only re-freeze soon after and you’ll have the same problem to contend with.
  3. Sprinkle salt or kitty litter: Where the door meets the ground, spread some salt or kitty litter to decrease the water’s freezing point and reduce ice buildup. Salt melts ice but kitty litter does not. It does, however, give you a bit of traction as you back your car out of the garage so you don’t spin your wheels.

Contact M&M Garage Doors

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