6 Trending Garage Door Colors for 2022

Thinking about adding a new garage door next year? Are you considering painting the one you have? Well, you have many options when it comes to colors that can augment the look and value of your home. To make an impact, you don’t have to paint the whole house or install new siding. Get a bold look just by painting your existing door or ordering a new one. You can match the color with the trim on your house, or go with a complementary color that matches your decking.

The possibilities are endless. Here’s a look at the top trending garage door colors for 2022.

1.  Warm Neutrals

Bright white has been a traditionally popular color for garage doors, and for good reason. It matches with everything and offers a clean, crisp way to enhance the look of your home. But this year, the trend is moving towards warm off-whites, cozy colors, and subdued hues, such as earthy taupes and classic soft yellows.

2.  Heavy Hues

While black and white palettes are timeless, but darker exteriors and moody hues are starting to take hold, such as slate grays and blues. To offset the heaviness of these colors, pair them with lighter colors or textures like wood and stone. Dark gray is still a classic that will give you that wow factor when complemented by white, light gray or beige backdrops.

3.  Rust

Particularly great for midcentury modern homes, this bold color is a top choice for trendy homeowners, designers and architects who want to incorporate earthy tones for their forward-thinking garage doors.

4.  Green

Green exterior paint palettes are taking homes by storm. Try a dark, moody green in tones of basil, sage and evergreen, offset by a crisp black and white trim or front door. The result? A chic edginess that appeals to any exterior. Sage in particular is an elegant, earthy tone blending nature and high-end design in one.

5.  Black

You still can’t get away from black: it’s a timeless classic that pairs well with virtually any exterior color. It may seem boring and traditional at first glance, but when your home color or front door color is edgy and daring, basic black can tone down the bold and make the whole look come together. Offset your black door with a light exterior color or perhaps a sky blue or bold red for extra oomph.

6.  Bright Yellow

Who would think this bright, intense color could work on a garage door? This marks a shift from neutral tones in favor of bolder statement tones.

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