2020 was a tumultuous year, with its residual effects still being felt three months into 2021. All you need is some drywall, insulation, and a coat of paint to get you started on converting this space into something usable. From home offices to energy improvements, here are four reasons to tackle a garage finishing project.

1.     Make a Home Office

Last year, an unprecedented number of people began working from home due to the shut downs of the pandemic. If you’re like most people, you were thrust into a situation you were unprepared for, cramming a desk, chair and laptop into your bedroom, living room or any nook and cranny you could find.

But now that working from home will be a new reality, at least some of the time, this is a great year to finish that garage you never use and turn it into a home office. This way, you can have a space that’s separate from the main house, providing a physical barrier that allows you to conduct virtual meetings and concentrate on presentations in peace.

You’ll need to insulate the garage for comfort, add some drywall, finish the ceiling, slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls, install climate control, and add some type of cozy flooring, whether wall to wall carpeting or an area rug.

2.     Extra Space

Even if you’re unsure what exactly you want to do with the garage, you can finish it anyway so it can be utilized as usable space. You probably don’t want to spend much time in a cold, unfinished garage. They’re hard to clean, unpleasant to be in for too long, and they provide shelter for unwanted critters.

Finished spaces are just easier to use, whether you want to use it as a home gym, a craft room, a playroom, a man cave or even just for some extra holiday decoration storage. 

3.     Energy Efficiency

Another good reason to finish your garage, especially if it’s attached to your main house, is to increase your energy efficiency and comfort. A finished garage won’t be as vulnerable to outside temperature fluctuations, providing more insulation and comfort for the main structure. Adding the right garage door with highly insulative properties will also help immensely.

4.     Property Value

A finished garage will boost your home’s value. If 2021 is your year to sell your house, you can appeal to buyers more with a finished garage than without it – and this is a big win for you in such a competitive sellers’ market. Buyers want to envision themselves living in your home, and having a usable space in the garage will help that vision along. You will likely get more money for your home due to the increase in property value.

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